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Stewardship 2020

The Chapel is not just our beautiful worship space. The Chapel is a parish; a community of people, dedicated to doing the work God has given us to do.

The generous giving of time by more than 40 parishioners allows us to offer our Sunday morning services. Through generous contributions of people like you, we have the $5,500 needed each week to keep the doors open and maintain a bare minimum ministry. Out of deep generosity, members of The Chapel offer over 7,000 volunteer hours each year in support of the work God has given us to do.

When we dedicate our time to doing God’s work, we are offer a resource that we cannot renew. Committing our time is sacred and precious, and is not taken lightly by others. Pledging our time to do the work of the church is a way for us to acknowledge and thank the work done by others, in thanksgiving to God.

The clergy and lay leaders of this parish are committed to both growing the mission and ministry of the Chapel of Saint John the Divine and WIDENING THE CIRCLE of WELCOME, OUTREACH, AND INCLUSION IN SHARING THE LOVE OF CHRIST WITH ALL PEOPLE. To accomplish this, we have committed to share OUR TIME, TALENTS, and TREASURE in loving thanks to Almighty God. WE INVITE YOU TO DO THE SAME.


time talent and treasureWe invite you to make a financial pledge, and a pledge of your time and talents.

Make a Financial pledge to the Chapel.
Make a Time and Talent pledge to the Chapel