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Every Perfect gift
Stewardship 2022

Dear Chapel friend,

Every pledge campaign begins with gratitude, and that is how we begin our message to you this year. We are constantly inspired by your generosity—by the big projects you accomplished this year and the small, unseen acts of love and kindness done in the service of God, our church, and the broader community. You are a gift, each of you, and you are gifts to each other and to a world in need of our love.

Our pledge campaign this year focuses on our gifts: not just on the things we wrap with paper and bows or the things we put in envelopes or give from our bank accounts, but all of the gifts that we give throughout the year. We frequently talk about the three-legged stool of Time, Talent, and Treasure when we discuss stewardship, without really focusing on the power of each of those elements.

Talents, a double gift: By Grace you have received them, by Grace you generously share them.  We see your talents manifest in in committees and guilds, and even the grounds itself. We have tasted your talent in meals you prepared and enjoyed angelic sounds of song and instrument.

Treasure: Though difficult to discuss, we want you to know we have heard your stories and walked with you. Some of us do not feel rich, perhaps struggling with finances, isolation, or uncertainty. Over and over again, we have learned that it is the God we encounter at church—and Jesus, who we follow by recognizing him in each other—that keeps us together, providing the consistency we crave in a shifting world. We use our financial gifts to serve God, to care for each other, and to show our love for our neighbors.

Time: Perhaps the greatest gift, because, once given, it can’t be taken back. These last eighteen months have been so different from other years, in terms of what has been asked of us as individuals and as a community. And what is required from your clergy and vestry has changed, as well.

In response, the vestry and your clergy have made a stewardship goal of $220,000—an increase of $20,000 or ten percent over last year’s budget. We have committed ourselves to increasing our giving and invite you to join us by doing the same. The majority of this increase will support the return of a full-time parish administrator to The Chapel. This position was scaled down to part-time approximately fifteen years ago, due to the bishop’s decision to reduce distributions from our Endowment. Investing in our staff ensures good stewardship of our facilities and resources, and is also a gift to our community, increasing our ability to share The Chapel’s gifts with the campus and beyond.

Whether you have seen your church family through a screen this year or in pews, every person you see is part of the story of your giving. As you consider making your gift or your pledge, we ask that you also consider how you have been impacted, and how you will impact this church and our neighbors. What is the story of your gift? How will your blessing be a blessing to others? This is the spirit behind Every Perfect Gift, and we invite you to join us in pledging.

Make a Financial pledge to the Chapel.

Make a Time and Talent pledge to the Chapel

Faithfully yours,

Steve Vaughan, Rector’s Warden                                                               Jamie Weber, Treasurer