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Our Organ

Buzard Opus No. 7

The pipe organ was built in 1991 by John-Paul Buzard Pipe Organ Builders. It is comprised of 29 straight speaking stops (36 ranks of pipes) and a Cymbalstern, across two manual keyboards and a pedal keyboard. It visually complements the Chapel’s gothic architecture, has been tonally designed to embrace the Anglican Musical Tradition.

The Chapel organ is one of the first built at that time which embodies the somewhat romantic English Cathedral style of organ building; the organ was directly inspired by the famous organs at King’s College, Cambridge and York Minster. Although this instrument plays organ literature of all periods quite thrillingly, it is intended as an accompanying organ, used to lead hymn singing and accompany the Canterbury Choir. This instrument has directly inspired the creation of several new pipe organs in other parishes and churches across the United States. (For more about the organ, click here.)

The organ’s console deliberately does not have a lock. All who are interested may come and play the instrument. We ask however that you announce yourself to the Administrative Assistant in the office at Canterbury House, wash your hands before playing upon the bone-plated keyboards, and wear proper organ shoes for playing the pedals.