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Member Central

Whoever you are and wherever you might be on your spiritual pilgrimage, we welcome you to explore the spiritual life with us and journey with us as fellow pilgrims. The Chapel is an incubator of faith for small children, a safe and encouraging environment for youth in their journey to adulthood, and an increasingly diverse fellowship of adults who are being fed, supported and commissioned by the love of God made known to us in Jesus Christ.

There is a place for you here. All believers are called to share in the ministry of the Church. The ministry of lay persons is to represent Christ and his Church; to bear witness in word and deed to Christ wherever they may be. We ask and expect all members to explore paths of ministry that bring you joy, in Christ’s service.

More than a piece of property, a building, or any other construction, The Chapel is a community of people.

It is this warm community of faith that supports in times of crisis, challenges with new ideas, and joins in celebration.

Here at “Member Central” you can you can learn more about being a member, update your household information, fill out a pledge card, find out more about how we are pastorally responsive as a parish, learn about our Columbarium, or make an online contribution.