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Mission, Welcome, and Values Statements

The Mission of the Chapel of Saint John the Divine

With worship of the risen Christ at the heart of everything we do, and as an expression of our faith, we intentionally welcome and actively engage all people; we lovingly connect and joyfully share sustenance, shelter, and sanctuary with the academic and wider communities.

Welcome Statement

As an expression of our faithful worship, We seek to lovingly engage all in the academic and wider communities, provide sanctuary and sustenance for those in need, and welcome those whose faith is like ours, those who are searching, and those whose faith is unknown or known to them alone.

The Chapel of Saint John the Divine affirms, values, and celebrates…

  • The Christian Faith as affirmed by the Book of Common Prayer and our Episcopal/Anglican heritage, valuing Scripture, Tradition, and Reason as the cornerstones of our faith.
  • Christian Worship that is sacramentally focused through vibrant liturgy, offering to God our best in prayer, preaching, and music.
  • Discipleship that brings us into a closer relationship with God and neighbor in Christ, and growth in the life of faith through prayer, study, and service to others.
  • Ministry that empowers all baptized persons to be ministers of the good news of God in Christ and reach out to those in spiritual, emotional, and physical need.
  • Stewardship that teaches us to become faithful stewards of our time, talent, and treasure to the glory of God, for the growth of God’s Kingdom, for the care of God’s creation, and as an example to others.
  • Fellowship that provides a Christian home for individuals and families seeking to experience the joy of sharing Christian fellowship and community.