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O God, whose blessed Son was laid in a sepulcher in the garden:  Bless, we pray, this columbarium, and grant that those whose bodies are to be inurned here may dwell with Christ in paradise, and may come to your heavenly kingdom; through your Son Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


Throughout the ages, Christians have considered places of burial to be sacred sites where the departed are remembered and honored, burying their dead in crypts, church yards, on the inside of the church, or on church property. They have been places for quiet remembrance, for prayer, for families, and loved ones to gather. They are places of rest and peace. 


The Columbarium

The word “Columbarium” is derived from the Latin word “columba,” or “a nesting place for doves.” The early Christians in Rome used the term “dovecote” to describe the catacombs, where they not only interred the dead, but also sought refuge and worshipped during times of persecution. The dove of peace, symbol for the Holy Spirit, has always been associated with the Resurrection.

The solemn inurnment of the remains of a loved one in a columbarium is in keeping with our confidence in our resurrection through faith in Jesus Christ.

The Columbarium at the Chapel of Saint John the Divine is located inside the Chapel itself, a place of reverence and devotion for all who enter. The location of the Columbarium inside the Chapel offers a safe and loving proximity to, and for, loved ones. The simple, but elegant architectural design provides a peaceful, permanent resting place for cremated remains. The Columbarium at the Chapel is carefully maintained by this parish.

Each niche in the Chapel Columbarium sells for $500, holds the cremains of one person, and includes the cost of an urn and a memorial plaque. A portion of all sales is dedicated to the perpetual care of the area.

Contact: The Reverend Sean Ferrell


Give rest, O Christ, to your servant with your saints,
where sorrow and pain are no more,
neither sighing, but life everlasting.