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The Saint John’s Bible at The Chapel of Saint John the Divine – Sunday, May 13, 2018

On Sunday, May 13, 2018, The Chapel of Saint John the Divine will host the Heritage Edition volume of The Gospels & Acts of the Apostles from Saint John’s Bible. Commissioned by Saint John’s Abbey & University in Collegeville, MN, this is the first illuminated, handwritten Bible of monumental size (each folio measuring 24½” x 15⅞”) commissioned by a Benedictine monastery in 500 years. Sunday’s Gospel reading will be proclaimed from the SJB.

The SJB was a sixteen-year project created using traditional materials and methods: vellum (calfskin), ancient inks & pigments, gold & silver leaf, and platinum, with quill pens fashioned from goose, turkey, and swan feathers. In an ecumenical spirit, the SJB employs the NRSV translation of the biblical text throughout.

Co-curator Bob Delvin will speak about the Bible’s creation following the 10 a.m. Eucharist, and parishioners will have an opportunity to view the volume’s lavish contents. For more information see the official website at www.saintjohnsbible.org .